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Split personalities: the WND Wind DUO 2000

Chris Ziegler

Wouldn't it be great if you could, like, glue two handsets together? One could be for, say, personal use while the other is strictly business. Two phones, two SIMs, but you just have to carry around one bulky mass. Strike that idea, Lebanon's WND Telecom beat us to the punch. Unlike devices like the Samsung Ultra Music F300 that offer different functionality on each of their sides, WND's Wind DUO 2000 is literally two thin GSM candybars placed back-to-back -- identical in every way, save for their colors. The spec sheet is nothing to get too excited about (GPRS data is all you get, for example) so the draw here seems to simply be that you can get an ear-splitting ring in your ear emanating from phone number 2 while you're talking on phone number 1. At 17.9mm, it's admittedly pretty thin for what it is, but the triband radio's a dream killer.

[Thanks, Rey]

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