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Tasty AT&T U-Verse features seeing delays

Darren Murph

Bad news for those sticking it out with AT&T's U-Verse. According to a slide presented at the company's investor relations webcast, it looks like a number of key features will be delayed -- some well into next year. Among the niceties that subscribers won't see until Q4 of this year are photo integration, consumer VoIP, U-Bar, Yellow Pages, etc. More importantly, however, is the note that the highly anticipated Whole Home DVR won't be ready until Q3 of next year, Caller ID will remain absent until Q4 of 2008, and two HD streams, pair bonding, and an "intelligent network interface device" won't be released until about 12 months from now. Hey, we're all for getting a product right before tossing it out to the masses, but we can imagine the patience of U-Verse customers wearing a tad thin by this point.

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