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Jack Thompson and Take-Two have secret meeting


GamePolitics is reporting that Take-Two Chairman Strauss Zelnick and Jack Thompson recently had a rendezvous in New York. There are very few details on what actually occurred at the meeting. All that GP knows is Zelnick asked for the meeting and Thompson acknowledged that it occurred. If you're just joining us, let's just say that Take-Two and Thompson have history.

Was Zelnick trying to bury the hatchet? Did he try to pay Jack off? Or were they conspiring to create their next brilliant marketing scheme to sell millions of extra copies of Manhunt 2 and GTA IV? Only their waiter and maybe the bartender at The Palm, Sardi's, and later in the evening, Splash, know for sure. GP thinks Zelnick was getting a feel for "'Take Two's most abiding critic' ... who has vowed to bring the company down." All we can hope is that one of the guys was wearing a wire, because that's one conversation we'd really like to hear with no real lawyers present.

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