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Virtually Overlooked poll: Five games enter, one game leaves


You've seen everyone's picks, sure, but of all the games listed, which one do you most want on the Virtual Console? Each member of the Wii Fanboy staff has selected one of their top five VC picks -- now you get to decide which game is the most desired of all those featured during Virtually Overlooked week (it's totally StarTropics).

But what if the game you most wanted isn't listed here? Then let us know about your real pick in the comments, but go ahead and vote (for StarTropics), because, hey -- we need to be ranked by you. It fulfills us (especially if you vote for StarTropics).

No subliminal messages were harmed in the writing of this poll.

Which fanboy pick do you want to see on the Virtual Console?
Star Tropics
Earthworm Jim
River City Ransom
Seiken Densetsu 3
Saturn Bomberman
These are all such great games that I could never choose!

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