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Father-son event at Nintendo world store


The Nintendo World Store held a father-son event in New York today for the title of "Biggest Brain." The winners were Rick and Michael Singer of Virginia who beat 30 other contestants (so, 15 teams?). The bracket-style playoff tested memorization, computation, analysis and other skills we overly evolved apes have. The event was a giant interactive advertisement for Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree.

The Singers walked away with the "hot Wii," which we don't know if that means stolen, and a copy of the Wii Big Brain Academy. The best part is the father, Rick Singer, went to New York on a whim with his son, he says, "I asked my son to come to New York with me for Father's Day, but he said he'd only come if we could go to the Nintendo World store." So, dad wants to spend time with son, son wants to visit the Nintendo World Store, and they walk away with a Wii. Not a bad bonding experience.

[Via Press Release]

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