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10 things wrong with the iPhone, from someone who has never used one

Scott McNulty

There is no denying that the iPhone has enjoyed a ridiculous amount of hype. After years of rumors the much heralded iPhone will be a reality in a few short weeks, and the press (including blogs) have been falling all over themselves writing breathless posts, articles, and odes to the wonders of the iPhone. Never mind that much of what it does isn't groundbreaking (that's usually the case with Apple's products. It isn't the features, but how they go together), the iPhone is a game changer.

Given all this positive press it was only a matter of time before the backlash began. That's when the very same websites that couldn't get enough of the iPhone decide that it is time to bash it. And so you get posts like this one on Red Ferret Journal that lists '10 things you should know about touchscreens before June 29th.' The litany of woe that will befall anyone using an iPhone seems pretty daunting. It looks like you won't be able to make a single call on your iPhone before grease, scratches, and sunlight render the thing useless.

Some of these points about touchscreens are valid, but I think it would be wise to save the criticism, and praise, until you have actually used an iPhone. A shocking idea, isn't it?

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