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Blockbuster stores boast for Blu-ray


Blu-ray is the way for mega-rental chain Blockbuster video and their 1,450 stores when they go high-def next month, though they'll continue to offer HD DVD on their online service. The move comes as more consumers choose the Blu-ray format according to Blockbuster, which added that the choice was helped by the lopsided availability in high-def titles. Currently all major studios, except for Universal, support the Blu-ray format.

It should also be noted that the Blu-ray player coming standard with the PS3 has helped move movies. Although the PS3 isn't selling fantastically, it does create a solid install base for the Blu-ray format compared to HD DVD players, which have to be purchased separately in the form of the Xbox 360 add-on or a dedicated player. We haven't really seen the inside of a Blockbuster store since 2002 (due to Netflix and GameFly) and it would be interesting to know if the online rental numbers (which would probably be more tech-forward renters) are the same as the stores. Once the online versions of Blockbuster and Netflix choose a side, then we'll have our answer to who's going to win this ridiculous format war.

[Via NextGen, Thanks Rob]

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