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Tomb Raider episodic content in September

David Dreger

Eidos UK announced that Tomb Raider: Anniversary will be 4 pieces of episodic content, playable through Tomb Raider: Legend, with the first two episodes releasing in September. The complete set, (including a the Croft Manor as a free download), will come to 2400 MS points, or 600 Microsoft points per episode. Since playing requires having Legend handy, those strictly wanting the content alone can wait until later in the year for the retail release. So, in short we were right, but it still leaves a question lingering. Since the episodes will be tied to Legend, is there going to be a maximum of 250 Gamerscore to be given out, if it even has additional Achievements? If that's the case, then what about the retail release, will that have 1000 Gamerscore? Either way, this could be breaking new ground on Xbox Live.

[Via Joystiq. Thanks, Bob]

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