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Delibar 0.9: menu gains performance and custom list options

David Chartier

It's been a while since we've mentioned Delibar, the client from Shiny Frog that gives you access to all your bookmarks from the menubar, but a recent v0.9 update brings some noteworthy new features and enhancements. While you could already sort your bookmarks into nested folders based on the tags you apply to each bookmark, this new version now allows you to chose a flat tag list to sort by (meaning: bookmarks are sorted into one folder by the first tag you apply to them). Check out the other goodies in this new version:
  • You can now set a global hotkey for popping up Delibar menu
  • Reloading bookmark no longer prevent you from using Delibar while loading
  • Delibar is a LOT faster
  • Holding down ??? when looking at a bookmark will reveal its actual URL
  • Overall graphics improvement, more compact "actions" menu
Delibar is one of my favorite utilities and one of the apps that allowed me to stop bookmarking things in browsers altogether, which has the additional benefit of letting me use any browser I want without worrying about keeping anything in sync. Now that I can call Delibar with a hotkey and browse my bookmarks by typing a few keys in the Delibar list, I wish its developer offered a donation link.

Delibar is (apparently) freeware and available from Shiny Frog's website.

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