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Final Fantasy Dissidia trailer unveiled

Ross Miller

Those looking for a better understanding of Final Fantasy Dissidia, the Square Enix fighting game coming for the PSP, can finally watch the trailer for the game. The 2 minute, 12 second video breaks down as follows (note: times are approximate):
  • 46 seconds of text (35%)
  • 56 seconds of pre-rendered CG (42%)
  • 30 seconds of in-game footage (23%)
Sounds like a Final Fantasy game to us. (We kid 'cos we love.) The latest from Famitsu reports that the game revolves around two gods, Cosmos (representing order) and Chaos (representing ... well, you know). An imbalance in the world lead to Chaos having an upper hand in an eternal war, and both sides bring forth their best fighters to do battle. Confirmed characters include Warrior of Light and Garland (FFI), Zidan and Kuja (FFIX) and Sephiroth.
[Via PSP Fanboy]

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