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Get a Jawbone with your iPhone


One of our Weblogs, Inc. designers sent a Twitter the other day bragging that his new Aliph Jawbone had appeared on his doorstep. After a quick Google search, I realized he wasn't talking about a new part of his anatomy, but rather a hot little Bluetooth headset. They don't get slicker than this-- not only does it look like it taps right into your face, but apparently the science works, too, if the demo is any indication. At $120, it ain't the cheapest headset you'll find, but according to our designer, it's completely worth it.

And so I wasn't that surprised to see, according to Macworld, that Apple is going to be selling these babies in their stores, right alongside the iPhone. Apparently a quality (and expensive) phone calls for a quality (and expensive) Bluetooth headset, and we're sure Aliph is thrilled to get shelf space next to what is already set to be one of the hottest products of the year. There's no word if the Jawbone is in Apple stores yet, but Aliph says if you want one, they'll be sitting right there in 157 Apple stores across the country next Friday.

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