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Widget Watch: Delivery Status 3.6 remembers tracking numbers, gets even easier to use

David Chartier

Mike Piontek can't stop making his phenomenal Delivery Status Dashboard widget cooler. As if features like compatibility with a zillion shipping services and Growl notifications aren't cool enough, a couple of recent updates have brought some handy performance enhancements and compatibility with even more services.

First up is support for Purolator, Google Checkout, and FexEd SmartPost. Next is a new drop-down menu on the tracking number entry box that remembers the last 10 numbers you've tracked with each service. Finally, new buttons appear on the widget when you mouse over to both magnify the widget for easier viewing and open a new Delivery Status widget altogether, making it easier to track a second package from the same service (by default) while still allowing you to select any other service in Delivery Status' expanding list. Of course, plenty of bugs have been fixed since the last time we've mentioned this widget, which is still provided as donationware from Piontek's site.

Update: Corrected the spelling of Mike's name -- sorry!

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