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Gadling details the necessities for an iPhone camp out

David Chartier

While our latest blogger Chris Ullrich has dug up some details on how AT&T stores are going to handle crowd control on June 29th, Justin Glow at our sister blog Gadling has gone the geek route by laying down a complete list of Must-haves for your iPhone camp out. I really hope things don't get this desperate around the Colorado stores as I hope to score an iPhone in just under 9 days now, anyone obsessed with grabbing Apple's latest gadget might learn a think or two from this list and be able to wake a bit more rested than their competition the morning of the big day. From tents that provide power for charging your gadgets to - no joke - portable toilets, Glow has you covered with what is probably the most over-the-top, über-prepared survival guide for iPhone Day.

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