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Take Two takes Manhunt 2 and puts it back on the shelf


Even though the certain execs find the upcoming game to be a piece of fine art, Take Two is apparently shelving the game for the moment. And for those who haven't been following the story (everyone is practically ramming it down your throat, so you should know), the title received an Adults Only rating, subsequently banning it from certain game sites and the UK, plus Ireland. Some are even saying this whole debacle is going to cost the company millions of dollars in revenue.

Well, Take Two took the only way out they could think of and have shelved the game for the time being. A Take Two rep stated the company "has temporarily suspended plans to distribute Manhunt 2 for the Wii or PlayStation platforms while it reviews its options with regard to the recent decisions made by the British Board of Film Classification and Entertainment Software Rating Board."

We bet you a few folk in Florida are happy about all of this ...

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