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The Big Zapruder #2: Placing Basic Calls


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Some more surprises in this our second installment of analyzing the iPhone Guided Tour. Here's what we discovered and confirmed.

The Alphabet control. In addition to selecting a letter by pressing it, you can scroll your finger down the alphabet list to select the letter you want to choose.

Options during a call. You can tap home to access other iPhone applications during the call itself. Click on the green bar at the top to return to the call interface.

Editing favorites. In Favorites, click Edit and then either drag a name (from the right side) to reorder or click - (it flips to a | instead) and then click remove to the right of the name. Click Done to return from edit mode.

Blue arrows. Tap them to view contact information for any name.

Missed calls display in red. Tap "missed" to only show misssed calls.

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