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The Darkness to remain in the shadows until July in Europe

Jem Alexander

We saw warning signs that this might happen about a week ago. changed the release date for The Darkness from June 29th to July 20th. We figured if we ignored it, maybe it wouldn't be true. Unfortunately, it is true. and have both updated their release dates to correspond with GAME.

So it looks like we're in for another wait. It is, however, important to remember that the PS3 is region free for games. The American version will still be out early next week, so hop on over to your favourite international games website and get ordering. Alternatively, you could get an American friend to enter our The Darkness contest and send you the winnings. If they win.

If you really fancy waiting around for a month, you'll have Rainbow Six: Vegas and Ninja Gaiden Sigma to tide you over. So it could be worse.

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