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Sony's Three Speech launches podcast, takes cheap shot at Major Nelson

Jared Rea

Listening to the Three Speech podcast, we are reminded of the right and wrong way to do your man-of-the-people PR. As a professional shill, Major Nelson is arguably the most well known in our business, but at least the man doesn't make any qualms about it. From the very moment that you step into his domain, it is made abundantly clear that Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb works for Microsoft.

The same, however, can not be said about Sony's "semi-official" blog, Three Speech. With dodgy language and a staff that refuses to attach themselves publicly to their editorial, the blog has been under scrutiny ever since it launched. Speaking of which, their podcast did just that today and aside from being an hour long train wreck, they had some choice words for their Microsoft counter-part, Major Nelson.

"Microsoft have got their significant other and I think the PlayStation offering, if you ask me, is far superior and a lot less slimy" said Ben Furneaux, who continued to refer to Nelson as the "unnamed blogger," despite writing for a blog that keeps their writers under wraps.

Continuing, Furneaux claims that Sony is more "straight to the point" with their PR, saying that "When they [Sony] delay something, they go, 'Oh, whoops. We've delayed it. Sorry.' and they're just honest about it and everybody picks on them for being blatantly honest about it." Despite living in Europe, Furneaux must have completely missed the whole PlayStation 3 launch debacle. You know, the one where even Phil Harrison didn't know what was going on, despite Three Speech having reported it themselves. Hey, he could have written it even, as is the joy of anonymity in writing on Three Speech.

After an hour of listening to a cast of Sony shills hype up a non-existant Final Fantasy VII remake, fumble over who made the Oddworld games (PROTIP: Oddworld did), pitch the PSP like used cars salesmen and ask themselves just what in the heck a Jumping Flash is, we came out even more bewildered over Three Speech.

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