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VTech report doesn't mention video games; PAC cries cover up

Ross Miller

A federal government report released earlier this month about the issues surrounding the Virginia Tech shooting made no mention video games whatsoever, a point that Game Politics notes is substantial since contributor Michael Leavitt (pictured) had previously mentioned being aware of a potential video game connection.

Members of activist Lyndon LaRouche's political action committee (PAC) have denounced the report as a cover-up, and quotes game news sites as evidence, citing this statement from Games Industry and "Gammer Life" [sic]: "According to GamePolitics, the video game issue was brought up at the V-Tech Review Panel hearings no less than three times by supporters of Lyndon LaRouche PAC."

The 26-page report can be downloaded here (PDF file); a state-level review panel continues to study the event and will issue their own report later.

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