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New TimeShift details about shifting time online


IGN has scrounged up some multiplayer details on TimeShift, which we hope to get some hands-on time with soon because from the images it looks like Gears of War 2 -- which isn't a bad thing. Yes, yes, we know it's the same engine, but the visual similarities are strong (might be all the earth tones). The game will allow players to customize all aspects of the multiplayer experience: start weapons, gravity, armor respawn time, run speed and weapon damage. The maps and modes are still being locked down but all the standards are there like deathmatch and capture the flag.

The only thing we really want to know about TimeShift multiplayer is how to control time. From the interview it doesn't sound like they've worked that out yet. Lead Producer Kyle Peschel says, "The first idea was to have Time Shifting work just like in single player. Sounded great on paper, we even figured out how Slow would be trumped by Stop and Stop by Reverse ... [the] problem was what reverse looked like ... lag. Even though the game was doing EXACTLY what it was supposed to do, the other people going in reverse thought the game was lagging out since they were telling it to do something and it wasn't responding." That's it, no further explanation, so it looks like they're still working on that issue. They also say they've been really focusing on the multiplayer. Yeah, don't go neglecting the single player game, just ask Shadowrun how that one ends.

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