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Red Steel 2 confirmed and then denied


Allegedly this morning Red Steel 2 was confirmed at an event in Cannes and has since been denied by Ubisoft. Red Steel, a launch title for the Wii, was meant to show how the Wii could elevate the FPS genre -- that didn't happen. What Red Steel ended up being was a set of negative adjectives, but the belief (until about an hour ago) was that Ubisoft hoped to rectify that with the announcement of Red Steel 2. The game's rumored online mode had been confirmed and that's pretty much all the details we had about this title that doesn't exist ... officially.

Although Ubisoft has already apologized for over-porting the Wii, we wish they'd have kept Red Steel in development for a bit longer (although it was clearly designed to make Wii launch). We're just going to have to wait until Metroid Prime to see what a fully designed Wii FPS will play like. If Metroid Prime falls on flat on Samus's helmet, we fear for the genre on the system.

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