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Hitachi's fall lineup is all 1080

Erik Hanson

Hitachi has announced a fall lineup of plasma and LCD displays, with the main selling point that all of the sets include 1080 lines of vertical resolution (although two of the plasmas offer a stretched 1280 x 1080). There are ten new HDTVs in all, with a 60-inch plasma and two 55-inch models, three 50-inch plasma displays, and four LCDs in 47- and 42-inch ranges. All models include Hitachi PictureMaster IV or V video processing, and some include a new technique to eliminate judder on 3:2 pulldown called Reel60. Some models also offer Power Swivel to allow the display to turn up to 30 degrees. The models range in price from the 60-inch Director's Series plasma at $7,996 to the 42-inch S-Series LCD at a mere $2,300, and will be released steadily throughout the summer.

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