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Sony VAIO TZ first impressions


Sony's SSD-riffic VAIO TZ laptop still hasn't officially made it to North America, but that hasn't stopped some folks from doing the importing thing to get their ultraportable fix, one of which has kindly put together a few first impressions for NotebookReview. On the whole, the individual (known only as "Outrigger") seems to be quite pleased with the purchase (despite the premium price), especially digging the laptop's good looks and LED-backlit screen, as well as its "extremely long" battery life. On the downside, as nice as that SDD drive is, Outrigger would have liked to see more than 32GB of it, as well as more than one RAM slot. Not surprisingly, he also found that the laptop is "not made for gaming," with none of Santa Rosa's benefits to be found either. Still, if portability is your top concern, it looks like a solid enough choice, assuming that the near $3,000 price tag doesn't turn you off, that is.

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