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Gallery: Park Meadows Colorado iPhone line

Dan Lurie

While Pourhardi is camped out an hour ahead of me in Chicago, and will inevitably get his iPhone first (Grr!), I'm sitting here with an Optimus Prime sized iPhone display sending out its reality distortion field from above my head. There are about 10 people in line so far, and I've been able to snap some photos of our band of merry geeks. I'll keep updating the gallery as the day goes on, so check back often to make sure you're up on all the excitement that goes on in a suburban mall.

If you're planning on stopping by this particular store, come up and say hi. I'll be podcasting off and on with various people, maybe even you! I'm first in line and wearing my Daring Fireball t-shirt.

Gallery: Park Meadows iPhone Line | 6 Photos

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