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GameTap Mac client delayed, possibly until next Thursday

Some of the Mac users out there may have noticed that yesterday came and went with little fanfare. What should we have been celebrating with screenshot tours and impressions? Why, the much anticipated release of the Mac OS X GameTap client of course. It turns out things are running a little behind schedule, according to GameTap's xamount who writes, "Re: the Mac Lite Player, unfortunately, it's not looking good for today right now. We've run into some minor last-minute showstoppers and are working like crazy people to fix it up right. Hold tight... as of right now, we're still shooting for tomorrow."

Well, today wouldn't be so bad. We double checked with a GameTap spokesperson last night who said, "We've moved the official launch to next Thursday, 7/5 since we needed a bit more time to fine tune the integration with the website and triple check for bugs/emulation issues." So we're not sure if Mac users will be checking out GameTap's offerings later today or next Thursday so we'll just spend some time admiring the shiny screenshot they shared.

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