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Line report: iPhone mania!


Oh, buddy. It's 4:30 in the middle of the country, lots of people are just starting to get out of work, and things are really starting to pick up now.

  • Benjamin Gilbert sends pictures from his campout at Legacy Village in Ohio.
  • Andrew Abate is lineblogging from the West Farms Mall Apple Store in Farmington, CT, where California Pizza Kitchen is apparently handing out free food.
  • Nick Bodkins sends a note from Orlando, FL, where he's sitting in line at the Millenia Mall. Apple is handing out free water there, too, and apparently security says no shopping throughout the rest of the mall.
  • Danny Perez is at the 5th Ave. Store in New York (where I believe our own Mike Rose is headed very soon), and says the feeling there is good: "There are about 300 people in line that I can tell from my location, I'm almost at the end of the line, they are giving away some free stuff. Items include, FREE Baked Caramel Popcorn (FreeEvil), Water (Water is directly from Apple - Branded by smartwater), Virgin Atlantic Airlines just gave away a gift bag with toothbrush/paste, Eye covers, Ear plugs, socks, and Lemonade. I also got some free music CD's and the best part, A FAN TO COOL OURSELVES OFF!!!"
  • And finally, the best thing I've heard today comes from Rick and Simon at the Fashion Valley Mall in San Jose, CA: The Woz is live and in person there (or was, this afternoon), and apparently the Hummer and the Segway made the trip as well.
Just under a half hour until 6pm on the East Coast, and then iPhone mania sweeps the nation. Thanks everyone for sending in all the tips, and I hope all you intrepid linesitters get your phones. I'm off to the Michigan Ave store for a report later tonight-- good luck out there.

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