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PS3 outsells Wii and Xbox 360 ... in Australia


With 50,000 units sold since March, Sony is ecstatic to exclaim that PS3 is the top selling system in Australia and has been outselling the Wii and Xbox 360 every week. Michael "Wii is a bit pricey" Ephraim, managing director of Sony Australia says, "Based on GfK since launch, PS3 has been the number one next-gen console, outselling Wii and Xbox 360 every week, except for last week." Apparently the system is being touted as a Blu-ray player in electronics stores, so that whole lack of games thing isn't bothering the Aussies as much as it is the rest of the planet Earth.

We don't have access to the GfK numbers, but the key thing to observe here is pacing, not actual numbers. Last week the Wii ended up being the fastest-selling console in Australia with the magic number of 100,000 unit. The Wii has sold twice as many units, but has been out since Dec. 7. The PS3 has been consistently selling more units each week since its March 23 launch (except for last week according to Ephraim). We'd call this a win for Sony, except if Australia's been having the same Wii supply problems as the rest of us, that might explain how the PS3 is outselling given its price tag. But we'll give Sony this one for now, a win through spin is still a win.

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