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Tangerine Global launches five new HD channels for hotels

Darren Murph

Travelers looking for only the finest amenities when globetrotting should phone up any prospective hotels and ask if they carry the Tangerine Global lineup, as it just got five channels deeper and a whole lot more enticing. Apparently aiming at five-star locales that sport high-definition televisions in the guest rooms, these new alternatives could potentially spruce up your late night viewing if you're interested in the less-than-mainstream. Tangerine Green HD, Alive HD, Palate HD, Drive HD, and Adorn HD each present unique, niche content that touch fancies such as technology, health, food, vehicles, and style. If those Independence Day plans are still up in the air, be sure you find yourself in a Mandarin Oriental or Peninsula hotel (among others) -- just make sure you leave the room every now and then, cool?

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