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UK repair service Micromart refuses Xbox 360


UK repair service Micromart is refusing to service any more Xbox 360s due to a "base manufacturing problem that potentially affects all 360s" they tell Joystiq. Before they stopped repairing Xbox 360s, which they are not an authorized repair center for, they were getting in "around 30 a week." Customers who are looking for the quick service of Micromart are suggested to "contact Microsoft for a motherboard replacement" as it's the only guaranteed fix according to Micromart.

Jeff Croft of Micromart says, "We saw it over a period of several months and it was just getting worse. It began towards the end of last year. Once the twelve month warranty finished then we started to see more and more machines being sent in to be looked at ... The problem with three red lights was there fairly regularly, but over two or three months it became a real issue." Croft goes on to say that even after the repairs that Micromart had done they were not happy with the result. They believe it is a problem with the motherboard and weren't comfortable charging customers for labor on a product for a problem they believed wasn't going to go away. Croft sent a letter to Microsoft with their concerns, but says they've received no response.

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