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CoMo's USB drive touts customizable, solar-powered LCD

Darren Murph

Tacking an LCD onto the exterior of a USB flash drive is nothing new, but CoMo Gadget's CM-1022 is upping the ante by allowing users to customize what's pictured on the screen. This less-than-attractive device is helped out by the ability to upload a logo or picture onto the built-in screen, which then flashes to get "maximum exposure" for marketers. Additionally, there's room for 4GB of mind-numbing press releases, Java games, or one-time use coupons, and considering that the display is reportedly solar-powered, a dab of sun should keep the flashing going 'til the wee hours of the night. No signs of a pricetag just yet, but unless you've got advertising on the brain, we'd steer clear of this one.

[Via EverythingUSB]

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