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Fatal Inertia dated, now a 360 exclusive?

Dustin Burg

One of Koei's once PS3 exclusive games now seems to be headed to the 360 exclusively. Today, Koei released some screenshots and announced that their futuristic racer Fatal Inertia will hit retailers September 11th on the Xbox 360 console. But oddly enough developer Koei didn't mention any PS3 release date for the game. Surely it was a PR mistake, how could they forget about the PS3 version to which it was once exclusive to? Well, the Wired Blog crew contacted Koei to get an official response about the status of the PS3 version. Koei responsed by stating that the PS3 version is "delayed indefinitely" due to "progress of the game engine for PS3". Interesting enough, seeing that Fatal Inertia uses the Unreal Engine 3. No matter, September 11th is the street date on the 360 and that's all that matters.

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