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FCC approves Samsung SGH-T639, T-Mobile's first 3G phone?

Darren Murph

Well, what have we here? The oh-so-informative depths of the FCC have seemingly disclosed what appears to be the "first 3G handset approved for T-Mobile." Judging by the tested bands and the obvious model number, it looks like the SGH-T639 (Alltel flavor pictured) may be a sign of things to come (and hopefully soon) for T-Mobile. Of course, we did see a similar coincidence earlier this year when Nokia's N90 got its own shiny approval sticker, but there's no harm in hoping. The clamshell device supports quad-band connectivity and Bluetooth, but until T-Mobile or Samsung fess up to exactly what's going on here, speculation is still all we've got in regard to T-Mobile's forthcoming 3G rollout.

[Via Phonescoop]

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