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Helio adds two-click YouTube, Flickr sharing

Chris Ziegler

We imagine that one of the luxuries of being a small, scrappy carrier like Helio is that it's way easier to listen to PO'd customers and change corporate strategy on a dime than it is for any of the Big Four to do so. Besides changing its mind and opening up free, unrestricted access to YouTube -- a wise move, we must confess -- Helio has now officially announced that its recently-upgraded "Helio UP" media upload app can be used to post directly to YouTube and Flickr accounts. Oh yeah, and it's all free and it happens in two clicks -- so if you see a flood of phone cam-quality videos on your iPhone in the near future, they're probably coming from Oceans (either that, or you're making the fatal error of trying to use YouTube over EDGE).

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