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NTT DoCoMo rolls out 704i series

Chris Ziegler

Here it is, a moment that is both dreaded and eagerly anticipated by phone journalists across the land: the release of a new handset series by NTT DoCoMo. This particular flock belongs to the FOMA 704i line, offering three sliders and five flips for a grand total of eight lovely devices. The massive release is nothing out of the ordinary for a Japanese carrier -- they tend to do this with shocking frequency, in fact -- but what is surprising is that this particular lineup offers an LG phone, cementing Korea's ever-increasing presence in the launches. Click on for all the gory details!

Mitsubishi D704i
This slider, Mitsubishi's only entry in the 704i lineup, offers one-seg mobile TV reception, Napster To Go compatibility, a 1.3 megapixel camera, and a microSD slot in a 99 x 49 x 18.6mm shell. Available in red, white, brown, and pink by the end of August.

Fujitsu F704i
The F704i flip offers a couple killer features: a waterproof body (perfect for use in the bathroom or kitchen, as NTT DoCoMo points out) and 3G roaming in 43 countries -- we're guessing the US isn't one of them. 1.3 megapixel primary cam, 110 kilopixel (is that even a real term?) secondary cam, and microSD slot in your choice of magenta, white, gold, and black starting this month.

LG L704i
What the heck is a Chocolate doing on NTT DoCoMo? Sure enough, the L704i brings the now-well-worn Chocolate theme to the Japanese megacarrier's lineup. Features include international HSDPA roaming, microSD expansion, and 2 megapixel primary / VGA secondary cameras. Unfortunately, Chocolate fans are going to have to wait until October to find this one in black, white, and "wine."

Panasonic P704i
Despite a mere 2 megapixel sensor, imaging is the primary focus on this one (pun totally intended) with a so-called "Smart Flash" and image stabilization. A microSD slot's on board this 13.5mm slider, too, which hits in September in Ice White, Urban Black, and Rose Gold.

Sharp SH704i
The second one-segment device in the lineup, the SH704i features a 1.3 megapixel cam and microSD slot, but comes in at a relatively chubby 18.1 millimeters. The good news? Five color choices -- gold, white, black, blue, and pink -- when it drops in August.

Sony Ericsson SO704i
Besides three body color choices, the SO704i features so-called "Style-Up" panels -- faces that can change the design of the lid. Lotsa choices, too: Butterfly, Shine, Star, Angel Heart, Twinkle Fairy, Royal Mirror, Blue Sea, Golden Moon, and Fantasy Sky. The specs ain't bad, either, with 2 megapixel and 100K pixel primary and secondary cams, respectively. Grab this one this month.

NEC N704iμ
As the "μ" implies, this one's pretty small -- 103 x 49 x 11.4mm, to be exact. The unusual finish changes color and design depending on the angle you look at it, which is all well and good for when you're not enjoying the international 3G roaming, 1.3 megapixel outside and VGA inside cams. Available in blue, black, and white this month.

Panasonic P704iμ
The P704i slider isn't Panasonic's only offering in this round -- in fact, the P704iμ is the sexier of the two, coming in with dimensions identical to NEC's N704iμ. Like the NEC, this one offers up international WCDMA and a 1.3 megapixel primary cam, but steps down to a 100k pixel front-facing sensor. Gold, black, and white versions all hit this month.

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