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Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles has co-op, duh?


We get very confused when there's "news" that we swore we knew before ... but apparently we didn't know it, maybe? The latest bit in that department is Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles has two player co-op. Apparently this is news to everyone else, so we'll just say it aloud. Considering every scene in the game has two agents and we could have sworn seeing photos with a second targeting reticle, we thought it was implied. So, yeah, Resident Evil: UC has two player co-op ... once again, we thought we knew this already. Then again, it could just be because most rail shooters have co-op and it seemed odd not to have it. Even our man who tested it at the Capcom event was surprised by the news being, well, "news."

Sometimes stuff like this happens. Assassin's Creed being for the Xbox 360 is one of the clearest examples. It was actually bigger news that it wasn't for the Xbox 360. Haze is an even more recent example because when we talked to the developers last year at E3 the PS3 wasn't even out yet and the game was being made for PC and Xbox 360. The news that it would be pseudo-exclusive for the PS3 was just silly ... that was later revised -- then revised again. Listen, when the companies can't keep track of what they're doing with their own games, we can understand how confusion comes into the mix. So, RE: UC has two player co-op, apparently that's news to us.

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