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G4 broadcasting min-E3 live

Justin McElroy

If you lack either the prestige to garner an invite to E3 2007 for yourself or the intestinal fortitude to handle the smell of thousands of sweaty game journalists wafting over you, you can find some coverage direct from G4 this year. Perhaps most exciting though will be their plan to broadcast all three of the big keynotes (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo) live.

We know you're worried that without the Internet to act as a filter between you and Reggie, your head might explode. It's an understandable concern. We've lost a few too many bloggers who didn't have their skulls properly reinforced with titanium. We'd suggest watching G4 while you read Joystiq, allowing your laptop to act as a shield between you and messages of corporate synergy. Of course, that's just us. (Side note: G4 gets adorable points for proudly pointing out how relevant their coverage is now that E3 is "closed to the public." ... Shh, we won't tell them if you don't.)

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