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Gears of War PC montage video leaked [update 1]

Dustin Burg

Looks like someone made a boo boo. Those silly cats over at posted a video entitled "Gears of War PC 'E3 Action' montage" and quickly pulled it. But fret not fanboys, because Quellex saved the video and posted it on YouTube for everyone to enjoy. But before you take a look at this leaked Gears PC montage be warned that it may make your inner fanboy scream with anger and disgust. Why? Because the video showcases what looks to be not only new multiplayer maps and additional campaign missions, but it also showcases a boss battle with a Brumak. Yup, that same Brumak that didn't make it into the 360 version of Gears. Hopefully there's more to this story that'll come out of E3, something along the lines of all the new additional PC content being available for free to Xbox 360 owners. Otherwise we shun you Epic and your PC content ... we want to fight Brumaks too!

Update 1: We've removed our link to the YouTube video at's request, but now that the giant cat Brumak's out of the bag, it's gonna be awfully tough to get him back in.

[Via NeoGAF]

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