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Sony president says no 'immediate plans' for PS3 price cut


We're not calling Sony President Ryoji Chubachi a liar when he says there are no current plans to lower the PlayStation 3 price. It's only fair we don't, as we're still calling Sony's PS3 price drop a "rumor." A rumor that we're starting to get so much anecdotal information, off-the-record and anonymous sources that it feels like a garden-variety Red Ring of Death story -- and we all know how that one ends.

According to Bloomberg in an interview today Chubachi, in regards to the PS3 price cut, said, "We have no immediate plans of now." Then he deferred to Sony's PlayStation division. Bloomberg even goes on to report that a Tokyo-based analyst for Goldman Sachs said in a report dated yesterday that MS and Nintendo may announce price cuts as well. It's all gonna hit the fan in less than a week.


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