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Mii Spotlight: 'Cause you're ugly


Well, you're not ugly, but there are a lot of ugly Miis out there. We just can't resist moving facial features around and into places they're not supposed to be. Sure, sometimes you do that and you get Admiral Ackbar, but other times, it looks more like what's under the hockey mask in the Friday the 13th films. Not pretty.

But even ugly Miis need a little time in the spotlight, so we're dedicating this week's edition to the worst of the worst. Check out the parade of awful after the jump!

In response to our own challenge, we decided to go in and fiddle around in order to create some ugly Miis. Ours are nothing next to some of what you guys sent in, but we thought we'd show them to you anyway, just for kicks.

Both of these guys started life as default Miis, or rather, pre-created Miis. While we can never quite get those to work as representative of actual people, the faces the system creates are often pretty hilarious. Further tweaking, however, creates Miis more like this. The second guy was simple; he's just a matter of out-of-proportion facial features, because the resizing functions are fun. The first one, however ... even we're not really sure, but he looks like he may be some kind of seriously demented French guy in caricature. He wants his baguette, and he wants it now. Maybe it's just his eyebrow mustache that gives that impression.

But we're still in the little leagues compared to you guys. Reader Pedraam sent us two Miis that definitely look like they spent some quality time with the ugly stick.

Poor Miis. With the top one, he (she?) just looks like a candidate for a good sideshow. Better catch one before they all become extinct! With the second guy, we just don't want to be around him when he has a cold. No one needs to be able to see up your nose, man.

For reader Casey, ugly Miis are a family affair. First, cousins Jake and Zak created a couple of ugly Miis, and who could resist such a challenge? Like any good, upstanding Wii owner, Casey had to throw down with a few all new ugly Miis. Thus, the "Butts" group was born.

We're pretty sure we've seen those couples around before ... perhaps playing the slots or hitting Denny's for a couple of Grand Slam breakfasts. Are we alone here?

Finally, reader Jonathan (and his filthy assistant, his wife) may just be working on that Mii Freakshow -- they sent us a truly epic array of ugly Miis. In fact, we feel safe in saying that they may have the most horrific Mii Plaza ever. Some of them were just so bad that we couldn't even show 'em, but trust us when we say they were both hair-raising and hilarious.

This one is not only pretty ugly, but we simply couldn't resist the name. If our own mother units didn't happen by at times to play a little Wii, we might have to make this one to use in Wii Sports. It's the ultimate in not-so-subtle insults.

Maybe this Mii with the ladybeard is related to the one above. They can share a tent in that future sideshow. As for the other ... well, it's a little early for Christmas poo, so we'll just go with gross. Is that corn?

This one was just inevitable. We knew someone had to make a piggish Mii at some point. We give Jonathan points for execution here.

And finally, one we absolutely could not resist ... because we used to own a fish named Sushi! Ours was considerably more attractive than this Sushi, but we definitely have to dole out some props for realism here -- that looks exactly like a fish.

And that's it for this week's Mii Spotlight! As ever, we're always on the lookout for new and interesting Miis. Send us whatever you've got: fictional characters, celebrities, weird and ugly Miis. Nothing is too strange or too offbeat for the weekly look at Mii Plazas everywhere. Just take a few photos and send them to us at mii [at] nintendowiifanboy [dot] com! Right now, we're particularly interested in more musicians, as we almost have enough music-themed Miis for an all-new spotlight. We're also collecting quite a few historical personages as well, so if you happen to like sitting around and re-creating the faces of ex-Presidents, send 'em in. Or if you have an idea for a theme week and a challenge you'd like to see issued, let us know!

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