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Goodbye, Emotion Engine, you were quite useful

Nick Doerr

If we wanted to, we could probably throw a bunch of links about speculations, confirmations, suppositions, depositions, suppositories, or analgesics at you. Oops, looks like we did, even if the words made no sense. All the links but one pertain to all the PS3 news relating to the price cut, but what a lot of our readers have wondered was whether or not the new 80GB PS3 will get rid of the Emotion Engine chip used for backwards compatibility. The answer is yes.

SCEA's Kimberly Otzman went on record earlier today, stating "The current 60 GB model utilizes a hardware and solution for backwards compatibility, namely the Emotion Engine chip. The new 80 GB PS3 will use a software solution for backwards compatibility, similar to that currently found in the PAL model." So there you have it. The Emotion Engine chip will be phased out around August, with the release of the new model. We don't know how to take this news -- give us your opinion.

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