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MacUpdate rolls out a bundle-- $50 for 7 apps


MacUpdate has another one of these bundle promotions going on-- is it just me, or is Mac software the only place (besides, say, pyramid schemes), where increasing bundles like this are sold? I don't show up at the grocery store to buy some oranges only to find that they're cheaper because 10,000 people bought them earlier that day.

Anyway, the bundle's not too bad, even without the extra promotional stuff. Right now, for $50, you get copies of:

  • SRS iWOW, an iTunes audio enhancement plugin
  • GarageSale, the eBay client
  • Cocktail, the utility that our own Scott McNulty calls "indispensible"
  • ProfCast, for lecture recording
  • Amadeus Pro, for multitrack sound editing
  • Fetch, an FTP client
  • Graphic Converter X, a useful little image editor
And then if the promo pans out, you can get more software out of the deal-- if a certain number of people (up to 10k) buy the bundle, then Little Snitch, Intaglio, and TechTool Pro get added to the bundle. With a week to go, they've only sold about 700 (for Little Snitch) today, so there's no guarantee you'll see any of the extra stuff, but the bundle might be worth it just for the apps above.

And MacHeist, always ready to jump on the hype train, is trying to add a little extra bonus onto all of this.

[ Thanks to everyone who sent this in! ]

Apparently if you buy with their referral, they'll throw in some extra stuff, including Browseback, Exces, a "secret application," and beta spots for Pixelmator and Flow. Some reports so far have said the MacHeist setup is a little sketchy (looks like you have to use a URL referrer), so as always, caveat emptor. But if you've been thinking about buying one or two of these apps anyway, the bundle might be worth it.

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