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Navy developing magnetic contact lenses


It looks like the Navy's Office of Naval Research dipping its toes into the oft-explored business of eye-tracking, with a recent patent application revealing plans for some magnetic contact lenses designed to aid fighter pilots and others in need of a hands-free control option. According to NewScientist, the system consists of a magnetic sensor that's attached to side of an individual's head, which picks up changes in the magnetic field caused by the wearer's contact lenses -- those then get sorted out to determine exactly how the person's eyes are moving. As NewScientist points out, one of the big advantages of this system (as opposed to other methods of eye-tracking) is that it can work regardless of the person's head orientation, lighting conditions, or anything blocking the person's eyes, such as goggles or glasses, hence its appeal for fighter pilots. Lets just hope things don't go too haywire when one of the contacts falls out.

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