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Civilization Revolution coming to Wii, maybe not for PSP

Kyle Orland

The saga of Civilization coming to consoles and portables via Civilization Revolution has been marred by one particularly vexing question, namely: which consoles and portables is it actually coming to? When the game was first announced a few weeks ago, 2K's press release ambiguously said it was coming to "next generation consoles and handhelds" in Spring 2008. Then word broke that it might not be coming to Wii. Now, a new press release on 2K Games' E3 lineup lists a Wii version of the game coming in Fall 2008, well after Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and DS versions in Spring 2008. A PSP version was not listed in the release.

What in the name of all civilization is going on? A spokesperson for 2K Games said a PSP version has not been announced and could not confirm either way whether one was in development. As for the Wii version, the spokesperson confirmed that it is coming but had no comment on why it would be so late. Who knows how many more system permutations will be speculated before the game finally comes out.

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