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DISH Network adds 15 more HD channels

Ben Drawbaugh

DirecTV and cable are busy arguing over who will add the most HD channels, meanwhile, DISH Network keeps racking 'em up. As if they weren't already the undisputed HD provider, now they have announced eight new regional HD sports channels that will launch tomorrow and seven new national HD channels in Auguest and September including; The History Channel HD and Discovery HD -- not to be confused with Discovery HD theater. Now, most of these channels require the latest MPEG4 equipment to enjoy, and we're not exactly sure what day you can expect to see the rest of these to pop up in your guide, but there is no doubt that anyone serious about HD, has to consider DISH as their provider.

The full list of new HD channels after the break.

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Regional HD networks to launch on 7/11/07
FSN Arizona HD
FSN Northwest
FSN Cincinnati
FSN Pittsburgh
FSN Detroit
FSN North
Sportstime Ohio

National HD channels to be added to the Dish HD package
Discover HD
Learning Channel HD
Animal Planet HD
The Science Channel in HD
History Channel HD Which launches September 1st

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