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First Xbox 360 class-action suit filed


Like carrion to a corpse, so begins the influx of litigious Xbox owners wielding class-action lawsuits against the Redmond giant. Recently a case has been filed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, alleging that the Xbox 360 caused scratching damage to discs during "reasonable, foreseeable, normal and intended use", and while this is the first case we've seen since the company addressed the Xbox 360's other problems, it's certainly not the first of its kind. So how much is all this disc damage worth? About $5 million, according to the claim, which makes explicit reference to the warranty extension as well as the infamous Dutch TV report on the scratching problem, and offers damning testimony from users who were unable to play their lacerated copies of Madden NFL '07. It seems unlikely that Microsoft can hold its ground on this, judging by the recent events concerning the system's build quality -- but only the country's richest lawyers know for sure.

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