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RoboCup footage roundup


With RoboCup now wrapped up for another year, we thought it'd be worth taking some time to spotlight some of the thrills and spills of this year's competition. Thankfully, there's no shortage of footage to choose from, much of which has found its way onto YouTube. While it's tough to pick a favorite, we were especially impressed with the match between the Darmstadt Dribblers and Team Nimbro, which not only featured ample amounts of hilarity, but a few actual displays of robot soccer skill (as seen above). Click on through for the complete video roundup.

Darmstadt Dribblers vs. Team Nimbro

Darmstadt Dribblers vs. CIT/H

Robots Gone Wild!

Brainstormers Tribots

Robot Transformers! (not really)

Tech United vs. CoPS

Robot assembling lego

RoboCup Dance

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