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World of Warcraft in the comics


Ever since the untimely death of Flintlocke, I've been on the lookout for a new favorite World of Warcraft comic. And, while I can't say I've quite managed to replace Flintlocke, I can offer a few suggestions for anyone out there looking for great WoW comics:
  • Looking for Group: The premise of the comic is that our hero is a goody-two-shoes Blood Elf. But if you can get over that minor inconsistency, it's pretty funny.
  • The Scout Report: Ah, I'm reminded of the good old days of Flintlocke. Only this one has more Night Elf, less Dwarf.
  • Dark Legacy Comics: I love the artwork and the little chibi-gnomes. Plus, absolutely hilarious.
  • By Way of Booty Bay: Gorgeous artwork. At least one Monty Python reference (see above). I say this is a win.
  • The Chronicles of the Flaming Ruby: A nice mix of hand-drawn art and screenshots, and though it tends to be text-heavy, I'm sure some people prefer their comics that way.
  • Manic Graffiti: Nice black and white art, good jokes. (Though sometimes I wonder if they're in-jokes.)
  • Equinox: Defender of the Horde: Not often updated, but excellent when it is.
I'm sure these aren't the only World of Warcraft-specific comics out there, but they are the ones that I've found in my search. Have any favorites of your own? Tell us abouth them!

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