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Jabra's Cara Gold JX10 Bluetooth headset

Darren Murph

The gilded touch hasn't evaded the mobile realm entirely, but it has been a tick since we've seen anything (well, anything worthwhile) come through that was Midas-approved. Bucking that trend is none other than Jabra, who is apparently readying a Cara Gold JX10 headset designed by Jacob Jensen. Reportedly, the device will be limited in production, will weigh less than ten grams, and will tout DSP technology to reduce background noise whilst chatting. Additionally, it should last through about six hours of talking before needing a recharge, and while we aren't much on wearing a BT earpiece around in public anyway, we'd be extra cautious with a $300 iteration. Check out a closeup after the jump.

[Via Slashphone]

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