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Archos 605 reviewed: it gives the giddiness, indeed

Nilay Patel

The French PMP-maniacs over at ArchosLounge gotten their hands on the biggest and baddest of Archos' fifth-generation lineup, the 605 WiFi, and it looks like the device is pretty sweet. The user interface is praised as being exceptional, using 3D effects and the whole of the 4.3-inch touchscreen to make navigation simple. That screen wins high marks for another reason, as well: while it's a tiny bit grainy, the scratch-resistant surface somehow doesn't pick up any fingerprints or get greasy -- the bane of all touch devices. The Opera browser has been refined and now works with more websites (no Flash, though), while video streaming seems to work as advertised, although content is currently a little limited. Other than that, the only downsides seem to be the lack of an IM client and the fact that thinness comes at its usual price: the battery is no longer user-replaceable. We're not complaining, though -- this $300 music-playing, video-streaming, PDF-reading, widgetized wonder seems like a hit to us. Check the read link for the entire massive review, and here's hoping that recent FCC approval means we'll see this thing hit shelves in the States soon.

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