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DiRT for the PS3 "looks fantastic compared to the 360"

Colin Torretta

PlayStation 3 owners currently have to deal with some headaches when it comes to third party multiplatform titles. Games like Rainbow 6 and GRAW 2 come months and months after the 360/PC versions and games like The Darkness that arrive on time frequently are missing a couple of the graphical flourishes found on the other versions. It's frustrating though not entirely unexpected considering the complexity of the PS3 and it's shorter time on the market. Fortunately, as developers get more accustomed to developing for the PlayStation 3 they're getting better and better at making the PS3 version of multiplatform games.

Codemaster's DiRT is a good example, while it is arriving a couple months after the PC/360 version it's not a huge delay and it appears that the time isn't being spent simply bringing the PS3 version up to the quality of the 360 version. No, according to a Gamespot interview, the time is being spent making the PS3 one better than the other versions. The developer espouses at length about how much better the PS3 version will be, saying that it "looks fantastic compared to the 360." He further explains that the framerate is better, that there is full support for all the PS2 steering wheels, and that they now have full uncompressed 7.1 surround sound -- something 'the 360 didn't allow us to do.'

Great news all around for PS3 owners frustrated about the delay of the highly anticipated racer. While it's always nice getting a game as soon as possible, getting a better game by waiting a couple months is a pretty solid trade-off. DiRT will be out this fall (around September) and according to the developer we'll also be getting a demo before then, so keep an eye on the PS Store for more gorgeous offroad racing.

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