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Motorola's profit forecast goes from bad to worse

Chris Ziegler

Maybe the Sidekick Slide is Moto's savior -- then again, maybe it's not -- but either way, the company seems to need a huge hit (or three) in the wings to turn its luck around. In the wake of two hefty rounds of job cuts, Motorola has now announced that it'll lose money in the second quarter and no longer expects its mobile devices unit to turn a profit at all this year, thanks largely to underperforming sales in Europe and Asia. In other news, Garriques' shoes have now been filled by a man going by the name of Stu Reed, apparently some "supply chain executive" who has been tapped to play the next fall guy get this sinking ship back on track. We've said it before and we'll say it again: where's the US version of the Z8, Moto?

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